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Latest News Releases

Global Actuarial recently carried out a risk-based capital requirement calculation exercise using look-through data. This edition of The Global Perspective documents some of the lessons learned in transforming the raw data into a relevant, accurate, complete and, eventually, useable, state.

In a recent project, Global Actuarial helped a client implement a document management system. The specific remit was the communication, training and Change Management delivery to 400 members of staff. Working with the management team and department heads, Global Actuarial developed the Change Management Program for the business.

In a recent project, Global Actuarial helped a client implement a document management system. The specific remit was the communication, training and Change Management delivery to 400 members of staff. 

Global Actuarial Services is delighted to announce a new alliance within Operational Excellence; David Hopley, an experienced leader, management and business consultant, accredited coach and mentor.

TRANSKap; the risk management and end-to-end look-through tool, developed by Global Actuarial, has been published in the 2012/13 Insurance ERM Technology Guide.

The typical timetable documentation comprises: 

• A timetable master list detailing all tasks required to be completed, the owner and the due date. 
• A dependency log identifying all inbound and outbound dependency tasks by name or reference number and owner. 
• A visual timetable visualising the tasks, inputs and outputs on their respective completion dates, showing effort involved for each task.

Many actuaries would sooner hand over their gold tables than relinquish control of any of their revered spreadsheets. But the mindset shift that needs to take place is more of a mindset reset. Actuaries who recognise that reliable, auditable reports can land on their desks in real time are able to embrace the skills that earned them their qualification in the first place: interpreting data to make risk-based decisions.

TRANSKap is a web-based application which provides an end-to-end solution for gathering underlying asset holding data of collective investments and reporting risk management information, including the capital requirements for market risk stresses. The process is fully auditable and results are reported in a way that will both add value to users’ business operations and meet the ‘line by line’ reporting requirements stipulated by Solvency II regulation. Global Actuarial is working with Morningstar UK Ltd., a leading provider of independent investment research and data, to ensure that the look-through data required to perform market stress calculations are available and of the highest quality possible. Provided data fields include the Complementary Identification Code (CIC) of each individual holding.

This month, The Global Perspective examines the significant benefits that can be realised by reviewing business processes and the value that a streamlined operation adds to an organisation.

Welcome to the June 2012 issue of The Global Perspective, Global Actuarial’s Newsletter that looks to promote views and experiences to support the growing operational requirements of the Financial Services sector. Our theme over the next few months will be: how can businesses use Solvency II to add value to their operations? In this issue, we begin to answer that question by defining the regime as more than just a box-ticking assignment.

Global Actuarial and Morningstar (a leading provider of independent investment research) have announced a data agreement that will assist life insurance companies with Solvency II reporting. Under the agreement, Morningstar UK will supply Global Actuarial with investment holdings data that will be integrated in the web-based tool developed by Global Actuarial. This web-based tool will provide life companies with an immediate look through to the full portfolio holdings data of their investments in European funds and other investment vehicles. Morningstar provides one of the largest and most comprehensive fund databases available to life insurance companies, with data on approximately 330,000 investment offerings.


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